Thursday, December 15, 2011

Unannounced title

Some work from a canceled title.


  1. Hey, i am a huge fan of yours, your works are amazing, i have two questions tho, where did you get the alpha that you used to make the fold of your character's clothes, did you make it? if you can please let me know where can i download it, thanks a lot!!
    By the way, are you available for freelance work? if yes, what is your rate, by hour or by project, thanks!!

    Frank Tzeng/ 3D Character artist

  2. Check out the "process" page link to the right hand side of the blog. That describes each general step. The alphas used for the shirt were created by z grabbing some scan data and some sculpted wrinkles, then manipulating that in photoshop. I used the same process on some areas of the pants, but the pants consist mainly of 2 scan meshes being mixed, then applying the custom alphas on top of them. Ill dig around for the alphas and send them to you if you like.

    1. please send them to me if you can, would love to see and practice with them, thanks a lot!! my email is